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Termite & Pest Control

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"Perimeter Pest Control"

By treating the exterior of your home, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your family's living space where they can potentially cause problems and sometimes even damage.

The perimeter pest treatment that our company uses stops pests in just minutes. Renewal applications may be needed depending on the size of your problem and other related factors.

One of the best things about perimeter control is that it is easy on you. Unlike indoor treatments where you're required to cover and move certain items, there is little preparation on your part prior to the technician's arrival. Simply close the windows, and pick up any toys, tools, or garden hoses lying next to your house. Another plus: Since the exterior of your home is being treated, you don't have to be home.

The treatment will not harm your grass, shrubbery, or flowers. Children and pets should be kept off the treated area until surfaces are dry.

One of the many advantages of the product we use is there is no bothersome odor for your family and pets.

"Complete Pest Control Treatment"

In many cases, pests have infested many rooms inside your home. During these cases, we recommend our Complete Pest Control Treatment. Unlike the Perimiter Pest Control, we treat inside the home and have the opportunity to locate and treat troublesome areas. A professionally trained technician will complete this treatment.

The typical Complete Pest control Treatment consists of a "crack and crevice" treatment along the baseboard areas of each room. This ensures that the pests won't refuge in an untreated room. For certain pests (like cockroaches and ants) we can treat inside your cabinets or along your counter area of your kitchen. Once the chemical dries, it crystallizes and is not harmful to children, pets, or any dishes that might be in the cabinets.

When setting your appointment, the office staff will give you instructions, including if you will have to leave the house, and if so for how long.

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